Products for Glassblowing

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Precious raw materials, for example gold to melt ruby glass, are used as a basis of our glass melting process. This allows glass blowers and artists worldwide to use our overlay color glass, available in more than 250 colors, to produce colored crystal glass products of timeless and classic beauty.

Coefficient of expansion: 96(+/-2) x 10-7/ K (20-400 °C)

Transforming temperature: 470 - 530 °C

Annealing point: approx. 510 °C


The technical specifications are not subject of a guarantee. Please test our products for the respective intended purpose. All colors on this website are approximations. On request, we would like to send you our original color sample catalogue.

Frit Sizes


Length: ca. 1 m
Diameter: ca. 3 - 7 mm and 7 - 11 mm (handpulled)


Length: ca. 350 mm
Diameter: ca. 35 mm


The power of youthful liveliness can also be conveyed through the use of strong vibrant colors. In the heat of the furnace the crystal and colored glass are fused to produce items of long-lasting splendor. The high value placed upon our glass materials because of the wide range of colors available and their excellent workability are reflected in steadily increasing demand.

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