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More than 150 years of experience in production of coloured glass.


More than 150 years experience in the production of colored glass

On March 22nd 1866, the birthday of Kaiser Wilhelm I, the company "Schuster & Wilhelmy" was founded by the royal Prussian Conncillator of Commerce Ferdinand Wilhelmy and the City Conncillor. Robert Schuster.

The company has started to develop the production of colored glass plugs, grains and powders.

Schuster and Wilhelmy 1925.


By the turn of the century, the color glassworks of Reichenbach were supplying customers all over Europe, North and South America, India, Japan and China. Reichenbach glass has a good reputation throughout the world. Michael Eisch, Ludwig Eisch, August Bind, Klaus Kügler, Prof. Paul Beyersdorfer, Georg Staffen and Wolfgang Lätsch all worked in Reichenbach. Even today our objective is to offer customers all over the world a wide variety of colored glass products, all of excellent quality.


Individual colored glass manufacturing from Farbglashütte Reichenbach GmbH

Even today it is our concern to offer our customers all over the world a wide range of colored glass in the best quality. This is done by our qualified team of glassmakers and specialists for colored glass.

We produce colored overlay glass in the form of rods, sticks, granulates, powder and grain, as well as casting glass, lampworking glass and glass granulates for the construction industry to produce high quality glass products worldwide.

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