We recommend "Cristalica" Premium Studio glass 100 as a suitable basic glass for our customers. This glass fits best to our

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Quality Control

furnace control
furnace control
color samples
color samples

The Farbglashütte Reichenbach GmbH produces colored overlay glasses in a large variety and brilliance. To produce these glasses in a constant high quality the quality control is the most important factor of our work.

The preparation of the batch begins with the weigh in of high quality raw materials by means of most modern weigh technology. After an exactly defined mixing process the homogeneous batch reaches the melting furnace. The melting process is permanently controlled and optimized by the furnace control.

Before glass makers begin to work our glass technician takes samples of each pot. These samples are tested now for bubbles and cords and compared to a standard color sample. If the melt is good enough the glass makers begin their work.

annealing lehr
cooling oven empty
sieving machine
sieving machine

In addition the expansion is checked by thread test every day. Also daily a sample of each pot is fused with a reference glass, annealed and following tested for stress with the polarimeter. These quality controls are practiced for more than two decades in our factory and not until the results of the tests are positive, the glasses are released to the further processes. The COE of our glasses is also measured with the dilatometer in regular intervals and the results are archived.

Also the further production processes are optimized so that only products of highest quality are delivered to our customers. Modern annealing lehrs enable an exact cooling of our overlay rods. Our crushing and sieving technique are newest construction and to separate metal particle equipped with several magnet separators (each magnet is 10000 gauss strong).

Before our products leave the factory a Team of 4 colleagues carry out a final check.

Reichenbach Colors…

stands for quality and reliability.

The bases for that are:

  • 130 years experience in the production of colored overlay glasses
  • a highly motivated team of colleagues and workers
  • a modern production technology
  • a comprehensive quality management
  • research and development with the aim to produce new colors and to go into special customer wishes.

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