New overlay colors


Multicolor Blue

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New overlay colors

Multicolor Blue

709 RW Petrol

                         709 RW 

738 RW Multicolor blue

                         multicolor blue
                         738 RW

702 RW Racing green

                         Racing Green
                         702 RW 

203 RW Champagner

                          203 RW                


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Some of our customers have informed us that a competitor advertise a "new" color → Alabaster. We already have our 225RW Alabaster in our production program for many years and it is a very successful glass. If you did not try it before please ask for it, we would like to send you a sample.

225RW Alabaster                                              225RW Alabaster

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New colors Lampworking serie 104

L8000 Light Grey

                         L8000 Light Grey

L8007 Smoke Topaz

                         L8007 Smoke Topaz

L4201 pastel green

                         L4201 Pastel green

L3203 pastel blue

                         L3203 Pastel blue

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New casting color

C2504 purple

                        C2504 Purple

C3510 Sea blue                          C3510 Sea blue
C6503 salmon                          C6503 Salmon

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Colored glass grains for the construction industry

For many decades glass grains from Reichenbach in many colors and grain dimensions also are used in the construction industry for the most different applications and projects. Because the demand for this product becomes greater and greater the Farbglashütte Reichenbach GmbH has extended her color range for glass grains in the past more and more. To be able to form your projects even more individually also in the
future we will develop more and more colors.

If you have questions about the colored glass grains please contuct us.

Splitt 3075

new Color         3075 Turquoise

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Garden Balls

Rose Ball Frog For many years we offer also rose balls (garden balls) in different shapes, colors
and sizes.
For more information about these products please contact us.

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Advantages of our overlay colors compared with other suppliers

1. Reichenbach colors are very intensive colors.

The glass-maker needs, compared with other manufacturers, fewer glass to get the same color density.

2. We set the world-wide most extensive color-range to the selection. Additional we realize special requests in shortest time.

3. We have already 67 lead-free colors at present and this range will be constantly enlarged.

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The protection of the environment is part of our interest. We have a high performance filtration plant, by which the cleanness of our air be secured and all European Union limits be kept. Additionally the technological process is in such a way organized, that no substances can reach the groundwater, industrial water will be conditioned in our own system.

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